For women who have fair skin or often called mestiza here in the Philippines, choosing the best hair color can be a little hard. Despite of having light skin, it is visible that all colors will suit you even the loud ones.

If you have a fair skin and thinking to have your hair dyed but confused on what to get… well here’s a quick list we made just for you!

1. Vibrant Red

This creative coloring from DOT ZERO Hair Studio – Alabang, Las PiΓ±as compliments your light skin that gives both of your hair and skin a boost to shine together.

This a an advantage to all mestiza out there as you can have loud colors as your hair hue but still look mestiza. Some hair colors can make you lighter or darker so make sure to consult with your hairstylist before you do the move to prevent regrets.

2. Balayage

(IMG: @marshairandsalon)

Nothing can go wrong with Balayage!

For clarification, since a lot of people are confused between Ombre and Balayage. Ombre is more on coloring the hair horizontally while Balayage is vertically.

While the former is more of a style too, the latter is a technique used by professional hairstylists to make volume the features of your hair

3. Pink

We gotta admit that once in our lives, we all had our dream hair to be pink!

You can always explore the varieties of pink. If you want it to be darker pink then go for it but if you like to have pastel hair, it’ll suit your mestiza skin for sure.

This is best used by e-girls or rockstars who have edgy and cool personalities that are partnered with leather jacket.

4. Ash Gray

This hair color has always been trendy ever since it was discovered by millenials.

Of course, light hair color paired up with your light skin can be a great combination too!

Check The MARS Groups of Salon’s creative works:

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Staying at home for several months and counting can be a little crazy. Almost all lived their lives online since we have to stay at home to help save lives. Now that most of the industry have finally opened, head over to your nearest salon and have a change before the year ends.

Since halloween is near, it’s a sign to change your hair color! It’s never too late to try the coolest Hairstyle trend this 2020:

Two-toned Hair Style

This kind of hairstyle has been popularized when BLACKPINK’s member Jennie Kim had this kind of hair color during their comeback for “How You Like That”.

Being the human Chanel, it influenced a lot of personalities to the hair color too:

Filipino Celebrities

E-girl Style

This is a subculture of the youth online popularized in TikTok with more varieties! Some are wearing striped shirts with plaid skirts and can never leave the house without a winged eyeliner. Basically, E-girl or E-boy are people who are gamers who may play PUBG, Valorant, Fortnite etc. and love anime.

This E-girl hair is typically characterized with loud colors as highlights. Some used pink, red, or green hair dyes as their highlights to incorporate the “anime” look.

Many have innovated their e-girl hairstyle that you can copy for your next appointment:


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