Hair Service Promo

These Promotional Packages are available at the Tunasan, Starmall Alabang, and Makati Branches.

DOTZERO MARS promo page 1 export

DOTZERO MARS promo page 2 export

For DOTZERO Hair Studio Alabang-Las Pinas at The Village Square Mall Branch Promo:
DOT ZERO Alabang Las Pinas Promo

LPC branch promo page 2 export

For the Balayage or Ombre  pricing,  please send us a PM message from our facebook or Instagram (@dotzerohairstudio) accounts for the promo information.

The following hair services are by appointment only.

Ombre, Balayage, Fashion Color, Creative Hair Color, and Digiperm.

Our Hair and Makeup service is 1500 or up and this is by appointment only as well.
Or, email us at or

The following branches accepts VISA and MASTERCARD credit card payments. Most of the debit cards with these logos are also accepted:

DOT ZERO Alabang-Las Pinas branch


MARS Starmall Alabang


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