Welcome to our blog page, where we unveil the incredible benefits of Brazilian Blowout!

If you’ve been dreaming of frizz-free, manageable hair, Brazilian Blowout is your ultimate solution. In this article, we will explore the numerous advantages and benefits of Brazilian Blowout. From eliminating frizz to enhancing hair health, Brazilian Blowout offers a transformative experience that leaves you with irresistibly smooth and beautiful locks. Get ready to discover the secrets to achieving stunning, salon-worthy hair effortlessly.

Brazilian Blowout Philippines
Brazilian Blowout at DOT ZERO Hair Studio
  • Frizz-Free Hair: Enjoy Sleekness That Lasts. First and foremost, Brazilian Blowout effectively eliminates frizz by creating a protective layer around each hair strand. This advanced treatment seals in moisture, preventing humidity from wreaking havoc on your style. Say goodbye to the frustration of frizz and hello to sleek, manageable hair that lasts for weeks.
  • Reduced Styling Time: Embrace Efficiency in Your Daily Routine. Moreover, Brazilian Blowout saves you valuable time by significantly reducing drying and styling time. The treatment smoothes down the hair cuticles, making your hair more cooperative and easier to manage. Embrace hassle-free mornings and enjoy quicker, more efficient styling sessions.
  • Enhanced Manageability: Take Control of Your Hair. Additionally, Brazilian Blowout provides enhanced manageability by softening and smoothing your hair. Say goodbye to tangles and knots as you effortlessly glide through your hair with a comb or brush. Experience a newfound sense of control over your hair, regardless of its texture or thickness.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Enjoy Beautiful Hair for Months. What’s more, Brazilian Blowout offers long-lasting results that can be enjoyed for up to 12 weeks with proper care. Unlike temporary treatments, this advanced technique ensures your hair remains frizz-free and smooth for an extended period. Wake up to beautiful, salon-worthy hair every day without the need for excessive styling.
  • Customizable Options: Tailor the Treatment to Your Style Preferences. Furthermore, Brazilian Blowout provides customizable options that cater to your specific desires. Whether you prefer straight, sleek hair or want to maintain a natural wave, your stylist can tailor the treatment to achieve your desired outcome. Enjoy a personalized experience that ensures your hair reflects your unique style.
  • Hair Health Boost: Nourish and Strengthen Your Hair. Additionally, Brazilian Blowout offers a significant boost to your hair’s health. The treatment’s advanced formula infuses proteins, vitamins, and moisture into your hair, helping to strengthen and repair damaged strands. By replenishing essential nutrients, Brazilian Blowout revitalizes your hair from within, leaving it healthier and more resilient. Say goodbye to brittle, lackluster hair and embrace a vibrant, lustrous mane.

In conclusion, Brazilian Blowout is a game-changer in the world of hair treatments, offering numerous benefits that transform your hair from unruly to irresistibly smooth. Say goodbye to frizz, reduce styling time, and enjoy enhanced manageability. Experience long-lasting results and customizable options that cater to your style preferences. With the added bonus of improved hair health, Brazilian Blowout is the key to achieving stunning, salon-worthy hair effortlessly.

Remember, Brazilian Blowout is the secret to unlocking silky, smooth hair. Benefit from frizz-free locks, reduced styling time, enhanced manageability, and long-lasting results. Enjoy the freedom of effortlessly styled hair while nourishing and strengthening your strands. Embrace the confidence that comes with having beautiful, manageable hair. Contact us now to experience the transformative benefits of this incredible treatment.

With Brazilian Blowout, you can bid farewell to frizzy, unmanageable hair and welcome a world of sleekness and sophistication. Don’t let the frustration of styling difficulties hold you back from achieving the hair of your dreams. Brazilian Blowout offers a revolutionary solution that saves you time and effort, while also improving the health and vitality of your hair. Say hello to a life filled with beautiful, salon-worthy hair that turns heads wherever you go. Experience the magic of Brazilian Blowout and unlock your hair’s true potential.

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For women who have fair skin or often called mestiza here in the Philippines, choosing the best hair color can be a little hard. Despite of having light skin, it is visible that all colors will suit you even the loud ones.

If you have a fair skin and thinking to have your hair dyed but confused on what to get… well here’s a quick list we made just for you!

1. Vibrant Red

This creative coloring from DOT ZERO Hair Studio – Alabang, Las Piñas compliments your light skin that gives both of your hair and skin a boost to shine together.

This a an advantage to all mestiza out there as you can have loud colors as your hair hue but still look mestiza. Some hair colors can make you lighter or darker so make sure to consult with your hairstylist before you do the move to prevent regrets.

2. Balayage

(IMG: @marshairandsalon)

Nothing can go wrong with Balayage!

For clarification, since a lot of people are confused between Ombre and Balayage. Ombre is more on coloring the hair horizontally while Balayage is vertically.

While the former is more of a style too, the latter is a technique used by professional hairstylists to make volume the features of your hair

3. Pink

We gotta admit that once in our lives, we all had our dream hair to be pink!

You can always explore the varieties of pink. If you want it to be darker pink then go for it but if you like to have pastel hair, it’ll suit your mestiza skin for sure.

This is best used by e-girls or rockstars who have edgy and cool personalities that are partnered with leather jacket.

4. Ash Gray

This hair color has always been trendy ever since it was discovered by millenials.

Of course, light hair color paired up with your light skin can be a great combination too!

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(Gabbi Garcia, Nadine Lustre, and Ylona Garcia are some Filipino artists who have Morena skin)

Having Morena skin in this society is hard. False advertising regarding whitening products have been normalized all over the years but gone are the days that Filipinos won’t stand against that. We are now in the new millenium where great number of people understand the underlying facets are hidden.

Social media is being used by influencers or advocates to promote and embrace the original color of women. Morena skin tone or simply having brown skin naturally have black hair. While we agree that black always goes with everything, we can’t help to explore the hundred hues that we can have as our hair colors. If you are a morena and looking for the best hair color then this is best for you!

1. Balayage

Balayage is used to handpaint colors to your hair for a more vibrant color and more natural looking highlights. This will compliment your beautiful Morena skin! Instead of going blonde (which we totally support if you want it), we highlight suggest for a Balayage with brown undertone and go for a Beyoncè look.

2. Ash Brown Highlights

This hair color highlights is not limited to ash brown. As a morena you are best partnered with dark hues and Ash Brown is trendy these days that can compliment your hair and so is your skin tone.

3. Subtle Brown Highlights

4. Mauve Fashion Color

Well, who said you can’t rock a loud color just because you have dark skin than the others? While people with fair skin tones dig this look up to 2020, we are sure this will still be trendy next year! This Mauve Fashion Color is totally wearable because it goes with every complexion a person has.

5. Underneath Hair Color

Real loud colors may not suit you but this underneath hair color can never go wrong! You can totally have any color you wish to have with this style because it’ll only be seen once your hair is up or it blends well with your natural hair color.

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We understand the struggle of having short hair but you want to grow it fast. We’ve also tried to brush our hair 100 times because the elders told you so.

We want to help you grow your hair faster than ever. Here are some essential tips you can chip in during your self care routine every night and day:

1. Have your hair trimmed frequently

Our #1 tip has always been in talks for ages now but one thing is for sure, you need your hair trim regularly!

To be clear, haircuts do not make your hair grow faster. Michael Dueñas, a celebrity hairstylist said that “While haircuts don’t make your hair grow any faster, they get rid of split ends that break your hair, Eliminating the breakage gives the appearance that your hair is growing faster.”

Head to your hair salon now if you haven’t had your hair trimmed for a while if you want to grow your hair faster. This enables your hair to eliminate the split ends. As for the length of the trim, Townsend in Cosmpolitan said that eight of an inch of your hair every 10 to 12 weeks is recommendable to prevent split ends.

When was the last time you had your hair trimmed?

A. A year ago
B. A month ago

(Well, what do you think is the answer here?)

2. Skip your shampoo daily

I know it has been a routine to many to use shampoo daily while showering as they think it’s to protect their hair from dirt and other factors of the environment damaging it.

Experts recommend to shampoo your hair two to three times a week to allow your natural oils to penetrate hair by allowing it to repair itself.

3. Avoid usage of heating tools

It is inevitable to use heating tools to style your hair as who wants a boring hair right? But do you know by less using hair tools can make your hair grow faster?

Hair straighteners, chemical relaxers or any other tool to style your hair… disregard it! The lesser you use those mention is equal to a healthier hair that enable yours to grow naturally.

4. Brush your hair frequently

We know we mentioned earlier that we are tired by doing the elders’ saying to brush our hair 100 times but to brush your hair frequently is a benefit for you too.

Make sure to comb your hair as gentle as possible because if you aggresively brushing your hair can cause physical damage that can prevent your hair from growing the way you like it to be.

Also, if your hair is wet and you’ll comb it in a hurry, NEVER brush it from the top and make sure to start with the bottom to detangle them. With this technique, we can avoid making small tangles from your scalp to the bottom.

5. Invest on silk pillow cases


GH mentioned that Jesleen Ahluwalia, M.D., an expert from Spring Street Dermatology that “Silk is easier on hair ––– it helps avoids tangles and breakage.”

Well the less breakage of your will result to as longer hair. The silk pillowcases in your bed feels so extravagant too that makes you feel like you are in a queen’s bed.

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1. Will hair coloring causes hair fall?

Hair dye’s job in your hair is not just to stain it with color, it actually has to break through various barriers to set.

One of the worry of many is if their hair will fall out after the hair color process and that is NOT true.

There’s actually NO evidence that hair coloring causes hair fall. If hair fall happened to you after coloring your hair then that’s there’s many reason of it that doesn’t involve hair coloring.

2. Can I color my hair at home?

You can always color you hair using the products utilized in premier salons. If you are looking for premium hair care products, visit Simply Beauty to purchase.

Although we agree that you can do it at home but if you are a first timer we highly suggest to go to a professional. With the professional’s expertise you will be knowledgeable of different information regarding you hair or what color is the best that will compliment your complexion.

3. Is it possible that hair coloring will give me allergies or rash?

There is a possibility but you can always avoid it if you use the right hair care products and steps to carry them out.

All hair dye packaging recommends to do a patch test before using a colorant. With that precautionary measure, you can avoid getting allergic reactions or rashes. To undergo with this patch test, you must apply the color behind an ear or inner elbow. After 24 hours check the area you applied the product and if there is no irritation, discomfort or redness, it is safe to use for your hair.

This is also the reason why we recommend you to visit a professional id you are first timer when it comes to hair dyes

Brad Mondo’s Guide to coloring your own hair!

4. How long do I have to wait before re-coloring my hair?

You can color your hair as much as you want as long as your hair can. This means that re-coloring your hair with a different color when you just got your hair done is doable as it depends on the condition of your hair.

We still recommend you to consult with your stylist about your preferences to avoid damaged hair. If you have damaged hair, it is best to wait until your hair grows out so that the damaged hair can either be treated or chopped off.

5. Can men color their hair?

Absolutely! Gone are the days of the conservative society. Men, women, LGBTQ+, even grandparents book appointments for their hair care time.

Men can dye their hair because women and it’s a personal choice after all!

Check out BTS Kim Taehyung as we featured him for having a Milktea hair if you are having doubts:

How to Remove Split Ends- Split ends can be a real pain especially if you want to grow long hair. Even if you treat your hair well, there are still many little which can cause your ends to split. This article will turn your attention and teach you about new ways how to remove and prevent split ends.

If you need to purchase hair care products, you may visit SimplyBeauty.ph for your hair care needs delivered to your doorsteps.

How to Remove Split Ends

Protect your hair from the sun

1) Protect your hair from the sun. Don’t be afraid – you can still spend your days outside in the sun. Just be careful because too much of those ultraviolet rays can mean brittle and dry hair. As we all know, there is a big possibility that it will result into split ends. So, if you want to sunbath then at least protect your hair by wearing a cap or a hat.

Tip: Be aware that some reflective hair sprays can make the situation even worse because they facilitate the heating process. And, make your hair become hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof.

Don’t brush wet hair

2) Don’t brush wet hair. Make sure that your hair is always dry when you brush it. You should do it because your hair is very vulnerable right after you get out of the shower. Feel free to do some gentle combing when your hair is wet but no brushing.

Tip: Remember that brushing (and back combing) can still cause split ends even if it’s done on dry hair. And, a lot of depends on be the type of brush you’re using – make sure that it’s suited for your hair type.

Trim your hair regularly

3) Trim your hair regularly. Most hair care experts suggest to trim around half an inch of your hair approximately once every two months. Unless you get a new haircut every few weeks, trimming is absolutely essential if you want to get rid of split ends. If you’re trimming to remove split ends then make sure to always cut a few millimeters above the split.

Tip: You can go to a hair salon if you’re afraid to do it yourself but it’s actually not that complicated if you have a pair of quality hair shears.

Constantly nourish your hair

4) Constantly nourish your hair. Split ends usually occur when the person’s hair is dry and brittle therefore it’s very important to keep it moisturized. Deep conditioning and nourishing hair masks are definitely some of the things which can help with that. Warm oil is another effective remedy that you can use to keep your hair hydrated and healthy.

Tip: Don’t forget that it’s not only about things that you put on your hair. And also, about the things you eat. Unhealthy diet can do bad things for your hair and split ends are one of them.

Fix split ends with a conditioner

5) Fix split ends with a conditioner. There are conditioners that reportedly can pull at least some of the split ends back together. Most of these split end menders contain both negatively and positively charged chemicals that can stick the split ends back together by reacting with each other.

Tip: You should apply a conditioner to your hair not only when split ends have already occurred but also on regular basis in order to keep your hair strong and prevent split ends.

Be careful with heat

6) Be careful with heat. You probably already know that you shouldn’t use blow-dryers, flat irons, curling irons and other similar devices every day because they are literally frying your hair and making it weak and dry. It means that if you’re afraid of split ends then try to use lower temperatures – don’t ever set your flat iron above the 200 degree mark (which is 392 degrees Fahrenheit) and always keep the blow-dryer a few inches away from your hair.

Tip: There are some products which can protect your hair from the heat to some extent. Those serums, sprays, lotions and other products create a protective layer around the hair cuticle so that the heat doesn’t dry out your hair too much.

Beware of alcohol

7) Beware of alcohol. While drinking alcohol is also something that you shouldn’t do too often, this time we’re talking about using conditioners and shampoos which contain alcohol. The problem is that it can easily make your hair brittle and more likely to split. Most of hair serums and gels contain at least some alcohol.

Tip: Regardless of what kind of shampoo you use, you still shouldn’t wash your hair with it more than once every two days. Too frequent shampooing is one the most “effective” ways how to strip your hair of its natural oils.

Don’t rub your hair

8) Don’t rub your hair. If you usually dry your hair by tirelessly rubbing it with a towel then it may very well be the reason why you tend to suffer from split ends. It’s because the rubbing creates a friction which causes the hair ends to split. You must be gentle and use a towel only for squeezing out the water that’s dripping down your hair and after that just let it air-dry.

Tip: The type of towel you use is important as well, so make sure that you have one which absorbs water very well. A microfiber towel would probably be a really good choice because in general they are extremely absorbent and soft.


There are so many things that can lead to split ends and there are not so many things you can do when you already have them. So, it’s quite obvious that you should be really careful when brushing your hair, drying your hair, going out in the sun, using any styling tools and choosing a shampoo or a conditioner. Basically, whenever you’re doing anything hair-related.

By following the tips that were given in this article you will not only reduce the chance of getting split ends but also improve your general hair health and that’s definitely something worth the hassle.

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After undergoing the hair rebonding process, you need to treat your hair with extra care. Hair rebonding makes your hair weak and as such lot of hair problems after hair rebonding. Read on to know about the precautions which you need to take for protecting your hair after hair rebonding.

Hair rebonding is a process in which the chemical bonds of your hair are broken and then the solution that is used straightens your hair. The bonds of your hair are changes permanently. This is the reason why many people find hair loss and other problems post hair rebonding. This treatment is harsh for your hair and so you need to take lot of precautions after you have gone through hair rebonding process.

If you need to purchase hair care products for your rebonded hair, you may visit SimplyBeauty.ph for your hair care needs delivered to your doorsteps.

Rebond in Alabang,Muntinlupa, Makati, Las Pinas, How to Take Care of Your Hair After Rebonding

Tips for Taking Precautions after Hair Rebonding

You need to treat your hair with extra care after undergoing the hair rebonding procedure. Here is how you can take care of your hair after hair rebonding.

Avoid Hot Water

Do not ever wash your hair with hot water. Not even warm water is advisable for hair wash after rebonding of your hair. Wash it with cold water thoroughly after using a shampoo.

Condition your Hair

Conditioning your rebonded hair is a must. Use leave-in conditioners whenever you have to go outdoors. Do not hesitate or restrict using conditioners because you need to use these generously for a healthy hair after rebonding.

Use Clarifying Shampoo

Use a clarifying shampoo for at least once in a month. This will help you clean any residue of the shampoo and conditioner that you use regularly.

Use Wide Teethed Comb

When combing your hair use a wide teethed comb and do not use brush as it might damage your hair.

Avoid Tying your Hair and Hair Dryer

Do not tie your hair at least for the first month because it can result in damaging your hair to a great extent. These damages can be irreversible also. Avoid using hair dryer. Let the hair dry naturally whenever you wash it.

Have a Balanced Diet

Try to have a balanced diet at least once a day. Focus on fruits and vegetables and try to avoid junk food as far as possible. Increase your intake of proteins, as that would benefit your hair and maintain its health as well.

Avoid Changing your Hair Style (NOTE: Haircut trim is not equivalent to Hair Styling)

The most important thing is that you should never think of changing any style of your hair after rebonding. This might ruin the health of your hair completely. Even if your hair stylist recommends highlighting or any other styling for your hair after one month or so, it is better you avoid and stay away from any other styling.

Bottom line

Hair rebonding, no doubt, gives a super silky and straight hair just like the one you see in commercials. But, in reality, this leaves your hair fragile and if you do not take proper care, it can leave you with no alternative. You will lose your hair and that will be irreversible. The chemicals that are used in the process of hair rebonding lowers the health of the hair and you have to take special care of your hair to keep it healthy and in proper condition. The tips will help you to have saved your hair to a great extent.

Before and after hair rebonding, you need to follow the advice of your hair stylist. It is better to consult a hair expert before you opt for hair rebonding. She will advice you whether your hair will be able to cope with the damage done by hair rebonding or not. In any case, you have to be very careful handling your hair after rebonding.

Do not try any styling gel or other chemicals on your hair and follow the instructions regarding cleaning and maintaining your hair. Keep in mind the above guidelines and it will help you have the silky hair with health so that you have your wish without damaging your hair.

Additional Tips

  • Keep your hair safe from environmental factors – harsh sun rays, cold winds and the rains. Use a hat or an umbrella.
  • Apply a hair serum regularly. This creates a barrier between your hair and the outside and helps protect it better.
  • In case you wet your hair due to rain, wash your hair like a regular wash as soon as possible. The salts and pollutants from rain water are highly damaging.
  • Use hair masks frequently or get a hair spa. Your hair needs moisture and nutrition.
  • If your hair is not really greasy or oily, stay away from shampooing every day. You can try alternate days or try co-washing which means using conditioner as a shampoo and just rinsing it away.

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How to Sleep with Rebonded Hair – By the time you are reading this article your stylist should provided you what Do’s and Don’ts. If you haven’t, please click here to read the article on the post aftercare maintenance of your rebonded hair.

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Here are the recommendations on how to take care of your rebonded hair when sleeping.

  1. Make sure your hair is dry before going to bed.
  2. Use a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles before laying down.
  3. If you have an anti-frizz serum, you can apply this to your hair to help reduce the risk of frizzy hair.
  4. Try your best not to put your hair underneath your hair. Have it point towards the floor or areas where there’s a low risk of weigh being on top of your hair.
  5. Do not tie your hair. It has risk of leaving marks. Tying your hair while sleeping is a no-no.
  6. Pillows with Hair friction is bad for a rebonded hair during the first 3 days. You should sleep on pillow’s with pillowcase that are either silk or satin cover. These has lower levels of hair friction.
  7. This last one is a suggest but not a must – Sleep in a cooler temperature room. Warm and humid air can create frizz on the hair.

Some notes about your newly rebonded hair:

  • You don’t need to use a flat iron to straighten your hair before you sleep.
  • If your hair is wet, you can use a hair dryer but don’t keep the dryer for a long time as this can damage your hair. You just need enough to keep some moisture intact.
  • If you want to wash/wet your hair, you can use a deep condition hair product. If it is necessary to shampoo your hair, we suggest a dry shampoo.

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