BTS Kim Taehyung rocks that Milktea hair!

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Are you one of those milktea-holics too? From Coco to Gongcha to Dakasi and many more, try different kinds of Milktea Hair which are trendy this 2020!

BTS aka the hottest and #1 Korean boy group is back with their latest single “Dynamite” last August 21. While it hasn’t been long after the release of their hit song but there is quite a list that BTS and ARMYs achieve together:

  • BTS and Armys achieved the highest number of YouTube views within 24 hours with their 100 million views
  • BTS has the title of “Biggest Spotify Debut of 2020” beating Taylor Swift’s record in the platform
  • “Dynamite” debuted at #1 in the Billboard Hot 100 Chart
  • BTS won 1st consecutively in music shows in Korea

Every comeback of Korean groups, it has always been a tradition to have new kind of hairstyles to bring a fresh look for their fans. BTS is known for having cool and trendy hairstyles every release of their album and of course Armys went crazy when all teasers of the members were announced.

Kim Taehyung’s Milk Tea Hair

When Kim Taehyung’s teaser was released, Armys can’t help to point out how it resembles a famous drink worldwide, a milktea with boba. This just proves that men can have hair color too!

Milk Tea Hair in Manila

Milk tea hair is a mixture of brown and blonde that brings the golden glow of your complexion. According to Cosmo PH, this style has various kinds that can complement your features.

DOT ZERO & MARS Hair Studio also came up with their entry for the Milktea Hair trend.

They came up with a Milktea hair that used Balayage as a technique. This is to emphasize the various balanced colors used and to showcase the natural-looking highlight effect in the hair. Alongside the technique used, this salon also uses high-end products that can improve and maintain the colors of your hair.

Check out some of @dotzerohairstudio‘s creations for the Milktea Hair trend:

Want to achieve the hair like Kim Taehyung? You can contact them here:

DOT ZERO, Alabang-Las Pinas: 852-1788/ 09662783141/09391432448
DOT ZERO, Makati: 833-4045
MARS Hair Studio, Starmall, Alabang: 831-6712
MARS MARS Hair Studio, Tunasan: 808-1412