Hair Colors for Morena!

(Gabbi Garcia, Nadine Lustre, and Ylona Garcia are some Filipino artists who have Morena skin)

Having Morena skin in this society is hard. False advertising regarding whitening products have been normalized all over the years but gone are the days that Filipinos won’t stand against that. We are now in the new millenium where great number of people understand the underlying facets are hidden.

Social media is being used by influencers or advocates to promote and embrace the original color of women. Morena skin tone or simply having brown skin naturally have black hair. While we agree that black always goes with everything, we can’t help to explore the hundred hues that we can have as our hair colors. If you are a morena and looking for the best hair color then this is best for you!

1. Balayage

Balayage is used to handpaint colors to your hair for a more vibrant color and more natural looking highlights. This will compliment your beautiful Morena skin! Instead of going blonde (which we totally support if you want it), we highlight suggest for a Balayage with brown undertone and go for a Beyoncè look.

2. Ash Brown Highlights

This hair color highlights is not limited to ash brown. As a morena you are best partnered with dark hues and Ash Brown is trendy these days that can compliment your hair and so is your skin tone.

3. Subtle Brown Highlights

4. Mauve Fashion Color

Well, who said you can’t rock a loud color just because you have dark skin than the others? While people with fair skin tones dig this look up to 2020, we are sure this will still be trendy next year! This Mauve Fashion Color is totally wearable because it goes with every complexion a person has.

5. Underneath Hair Color

Real loud colors may not suit you but this underneath hair color can never go wrong! You can totally have any color you wish to have with this style because it’ll only be seen once your hair is up or it blends well with your natural hair color.

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