Top 5 Basic Hair Coloring FAQs

1. Will hair coloring causes hair fall?

Hair dye’s job in your hair is not just to stain it with color, it actually has to break through various barriers to set.

One of the worry of many is if their hair will fall out after the hair color process and that is NOT true.

There’s actually NO evidence that hair coloring causes hair fall. If hair fall happened to you after coloring your hair then that’s there’s many reason of it that doesn’t involve hair coloring.

2. Can I color my hair at home?

You can always color you hair using the products utilized in premier salons. If you are looking for premium hair care products, visit Simply Beauty to purchase.

Although we agree that you can do it at home but if you are a first timer we highly suggest to go to a professional. With the professional’s expertise you will be knowledgeable of different information regarding you hair or what color is the best that will compliment your complexion.

3. Is it possible that hair coloring will give me allergies or rash?

There is a possibility but you can always avoid it if you use the right hair care products and steps to carry them out.

All hair dye packaging recommends to do a patch test before using a colorant. With that precautionary measure, you can avoid getting allergic reactions or rashes. To undergo with this patch test, you must apply the color behind an ear or inner elbow. After 24 hours check the area you applied the product and if there is no irritation, discomfort or redness, it is safe to use for your hair.

This is also the reason why we recommend you to visit a professional id you are first timer when it comes to hair dyes

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4. How long do I have to wait before re-coloring my hair?

You can color your hair as much as you want as long as your hair can. This means that re-coloring your hair with a different color when you just got your hair done is doable as it depends on the condition of your hair.

We still recommend you to consult with your stylist about your preferences to avoid damaged hair. If you have damaged hair, it is best to wait until your hair grows out so that the damaged hair can either be treated or chopped off.

5. Can men color their hair?

Absolutely! Gone are the days of the conservative society. Men, women, LGBTQ+, even grandparents book appointments for their hair care time.

Men can dye their hair because women and it’s a personal choice after all!

Check out BTS Kim Taehyung as we featured him for having a Milktea hair if you are having doubts: